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Quebec Charter of Values

I will be very brief with this post, as I feel that such a thing as a person’s ability to exercise his/her own religion free of persecution and prejudice should not be subject to discussion in a country like Canada: … Continue reading

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Responsible Resource Extraction in Canada

On Tuesday December 4th, I attended an event hosted by the Canadian International Council that featured Madelaine Drohan, the Canadian correspondent for The Economist.  Ms. Drohan was mandated to research and write a report on the practices of responsible resource … Continue reading

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The Outdated Policy of a Progressive Society

I have lived in Montreal, in the province of Québec for almost seven years.  Almost upon arrival, I perceived the city’s language barriers, which I undertook to break by perfecting its two official languages.  I pushed myself a bit further, … Continue reading

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A Mutually Hurting Stalemate in Quebec

It is an irrefutable assertion to say that the substance of a conflict is at the base of its resolution, but in several cases, substance is not enough. This is certainly true in Quebec, where the parties at odds have drawn support … Continue reading

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Education is a Right, Not Rhetoric

There is an argument floating around in Quebec media outlets that could not be foggier in substance nor worse situated in the student movement’s contextual base than “Education is a right”. These four words have been uttered on a number … Continue reading

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New Faces in the Student Conflict: The Idea of Trust

The more I study the cause of conflicts, and the more I analyze the inner workings of conflict management and resolution, the more intrigued I become about the idea of trust as a mechanism that will drive a resolution process … Continue reading

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Globe and Mail Editorial about Student Strikes in Quebec

Amidst failed negotiations between student groups and the Quebec government, I found myself reading this editorial related to Jean Charest’s decision of meeting with students halfway through their demands. I feel this article bears two highly incorrect assumptions regarding Quebec’s … Continue reading

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