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Circumventing Convention: Including Iran in the Syrian Peace Process

Difficult political situations usually require thinking outside the box. It is a pertinent time for the international community to adopt that spirit in the Syrian conflict. It is neither Bashar al-Assad nor the Syrian rebels the ones holding the reins … Continue reading

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The Bureaucratic Cost of Democracy

Democracy is a concept that both looks and sounds appealing to the eyes and ears of those who benefit from its tenets.  But it is important not to forget that democracy, as a process, needs nurturing and above all, understanding.  … Continue reading

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Policies for the Sake of a Principle: Family Reunification in Canada

Sometime in September 2010, while enjoying a beer with some colleagues and professors at a bar in Uppsala, Sweden, Dr. Thomas Ohlson said something that makes me ponder further on the present social and political smoke we breathe in Canada.  … Continue reading

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