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Natural Richness binds us together

On January 19, a day before the focus of Dunedin (and the world) turned to Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States, the Otago Daily Times reported the sad news of Dale’s demise. Dale the seal … Continue reading

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Quebec Charter of Values

I will be very brief with this post, as I feel that such a thing as a person’s ability to exercise his/her own religion free of persecution and prejudice should not be subject to discussion in a country like Canada: … Continue reading

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The Perils of Hands-Off Approaches in Conflict Situations

In thinking about the seemingly unrelated coups d’état in Egypt, Mali and Honduras, it is possible to discern a thin thread of commonality that ties these cases together, despite of the obvious differences between them.  In these cases, the international … Continue reading

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La Tinta en la Historia de Honduras

Aqui una corta pieza, tal y como fue publicada por el diario hondureno El Heraldo el Lunes 3 de Junio de 2013: El realismo y la justicia son elementos sinérgicos que nunca deben ser desasociados cuando se coloca a un … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on Chavez

After a bitter battle with cancer, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died yesterday in a military hospital in Caracas.  I have been reading several reactions from world leaders and members of society groups in the US and Canada, and it seems … Continue reading

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Ottawa’s Amnesia

Any healing process starts by admitting that one has a problem. This is a phrase that has been popularized in the media when there is a portrayal of an individual whose habits have driven his/her household to a state of … Continue reading

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Responsible Resource Extraction in Canada

On Tuesday December 4th, I attended an event hosted by the Canadian International Council that featured Madelaine Drohan, the Canadian correspondent for The Economist.  Ms. Drohan was mandated to research and write a report on the practices of responsible resource … Continue reading

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The Outdated Policy of a Progressive Society

I have lived in Montreal, in the province of Québec for almost seven years.  Almost upon arrival, I perceived the city’s language barriers, which I undertook to break by perfecting its two official languages.  I pushed myself a bit further, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Serving as Editor of “So You Can Tell”

In April 2012, I was asked to serve as editor of the Spanish version of a book entitled “So You Can Tell”.  This book tells the account of a Holocaust survivor that now lives in Montreal, Canada.  In essence, it … Continue reading

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Circumventing Convention: Including Iran in the Syrian Peace Process

Difficult political situations usually require thinking outside the box. It is a pertinent time for the international community to adopt that spirit in the Syrian conflict. It is neither Bashar al-Assad nor the Syrian rebels the ones holding the reins … Continue reading

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