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Ottawa’s Amnesia

Any healing process starts by admitting that one has a problem. This is a phrase that has been popularized in the media when there is a portrayal of an individual whose habits have driven his/her household to a state of … Continue reading

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The Outdated Policy of a Progressive Society

I have lived in Montreal, in the province of Québec for almost seven years.  Almost upon arrival, I perceived the city’s language barriers, which I undertook to break by perfecting its two official languages.  I pushed myself a bit further, … Continue reading

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Soft Power During Economic Uncertainty

Government is a matter of creating a pyramid of priorities that will influence the drafting of policy.  This pyramid is mounted, one stone at a time, bearing in mind the needs of the population, at the point in time in … Continue reading

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Policies for the Sake of a Principle: Family Reunification in Canada

Sometime in September 2010, while enjoying a beer with some colleagues and professors at a bar in Uppsala, Sweden, Dr. Thomas Ohlson said something that makes me ponder further on the present social and political smoke we breathe in Canada.  … Continue reading

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