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Stewardship never more vital

(As published by the Otago Daily Times on August 25, 2017) It is important to regard  last week’s water advisory in  Dunedin as more than just a temporary problem resulting from an isolated case of contamination.  Advising citizens  their public … Continue reading

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The Refugee Crisis in Syria and Canada’s Response

The heartbreaking images of Alan Kurdi’s lifeless body have permeated the screens of millions of people on a global scale, and prompted renewed calls for action by foreign governments to step up their commitments towards streamlining political asylum applications by … Continue reading

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The Perils of Hands-Off Approaches in Conflict Situations

In thinking about the seemingly unrelated coups d’état in Egypt, Mali and Honduras, it is possible to discern a thin thread of commonality that ties these cases together, despite of the obvious differences between them.  In these cases, the international … Continue reading

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On U.S Travel Warnings to Israel and Honduras

The U.S State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs recently released new travel warnings for American citizens.  Among these warnings, I found particularly striking that the Bureau found it wise to divert American citizens from going to places like Israel and … Continue reading

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Political Deadlock in Libya and Syria

Here is a link to my article “Political Deadlock in Libya and Syria” as published by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) in its Conflict Trends publication.

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Levels of Political Deadlock in the Syrian Conflict

Note:  A revised version of this article has been republished by George Mason University’s Unrest Magazine.  You can find this publication here. The Annan peace process that tried to halt hostilities between the rebels and Bashar al-Assad’s government put in … Continue reading

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Circumventing Convention: Including Iran in the Syrian Peace Process

Difficult political situations usually require thinking outside the box. It is a pertinent time for the international community to adopt that spirit in the Syrian conflict. It is neither Bashar al-Assad nor the Syrian rebels the ones holding the reins … Continue reading

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Education is a Right, Not Rhetoric

There is an argument floating around in Quebec media outlets that could not be foggier in substance nor worse situated in the student movement’s contextual base than “Education is a right”. These four words have been uttered on a number … Continue reading

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