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The Outdated Policy of a Progressive Society

I have lived in Montreal, in the province of Québec for almost seven years.  Almost upon arrival, I perceived the city’s language barriers, which I undertook to break by perfecting its two official languages.  I pushed myself a bit further, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Serving as Editor of “So You Can Tell”

In April 2012, I was asked to serve as editor of the Spanish version of a book entitled “So You Can Tell”.  This book tells the account of a Holocaust survivor that now lives in Montreal, Canada.  In essence, it … Continue reading

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Mass Killing is the Only Right Phrase

A recent commentary by Erica Chenoweth paints a particularly dark picture for the people of Syria.  In her post, she argues that the Syrian government is favouring the use of its air force to target rebel-held villages, in an attempt … Continue reading

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